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ants2010.jpg Ant Hill Cooperative is a housing co-op in Rochester, New York. As a communal living environment created for the benefit of its members, Ant Hill is dedicated to a new type of community in Rochester based on better lives by working together. By splitting chores, buying in bulk, doing work ourselves, and dividing costs between many people, we live a very nice life for less.

We invite students, professionals, activists, artists, and anyone interested in good food and good people to help make this dream a reality. You can also join as a General Member and get involved in our events and activities without living in an Ant Hill house. Read about our dream, our sources of inspiration, or find answers to frequently asked questions.

We have room openings! See Live at Ant Hill, come to dinner, call us, or write our housing manager at <housing AT ant-hill DOT org>. Besides living in one of our houses, we have many other ways to participate, including general and foodshare membership, cohousing in apartments next door or across the street, or even as co-conspirators in intentional community. If you're interested, please write or call us. Feel free to visit us for potluck. We hope to hear from you!


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/Rochester Lifeways —May 2006
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